My primary role as a doula is to support the birthing parent during labor.  With pain management techniques, emotional support and a breadth of knowledge of the birthing process, I will help ensure your needs are met to the best of my ability, regardless of any situation—planned or unexpected—that may arise.  Whether you are laboring at home, in a hospital or birthing center, planning on using medication or having a c-section, I will support you fully and without judgement. 


Pregnancy & Labor support Package

Choosing your doula is an extremely personal decision and one that should be made thoughtfully and with careful consideration to your needs and wants.  As you make your decision of whether you would like me to be your doula, we will have many phone exchanges, emails and if possible, a face to face meeting.  Once you have hired me I will be available to you by phone and email 24 hours a day until you deliver.  I can answer questions regarding your pregnancy and birth plan and provide resources for support during and after your pregnancy.  My pregnancy and labor clients also all receive one 1.5 hour prenatal yoga class in your home.

As you approach the final weeks of your pregnancy, we will have a prenatal visit in your home. During this visit we can discuss your birth plan in detail; go over pain management techniques, breathing exercises and positions for labor; talk about postpartum self care; infant care and any other questions or concerns you may have.  We will also discuss my role for your delivery and what you would like that to entail.  

Beginning at 36 weeks, you will check in with me after every doctor or midwife appointment to give me updates on your pregnancy and any changes your body is making.  Once you go into labor, and are ready for me to be present, I will come to your home, the hospital, or the birthing center.  I will be with you for the duration of your labor, whether it is 5 hours or 35 hours.  

After you deliver your baby, I will provide immediate postpartum care, including breastfeeding assistance.  About a week after you deliver, I will come to your home for a postpartum visit (usually about 1.5 hours) to check on you and your newest family member. During this visit I can provide breast/chestfeeding support, infant care assistance and guidance, self care guidance, babywearing lessons, baby soothing techniques, and emotional support.

My birth clients have access to additional postpartum doula services if requested.  

Services include

  • One prenatal visit 
  • Phone and email availability at all times
  • One 1.5 hour prenatal yoga session in your home
  • Labor care from onset to delivery
  • Immediate post-partum care, including breastfeeding assistance
  • One post-partum visit